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    In August 2006 it was established that 57% of Britains population of over fifty year old people are single. This number increases year upon year. Many holiday makers quite rightly resent the various surcharges and supplements that are imposed upon them when holidaying as a single person, let alone the frequently inferior accommodation given them as against that allocated to couples or groups. We plan to stop that discrimination!
  • Ending Discrimination

    As a non profit making organisation who intend to obtain charitable status, STAC is committing itself wholeheartedly to pursuing and achieving constant improvements in the rights of those of us who choose to holiday on our own, and end discrimination against us.
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    Become a member of the Single Tourist Action Centre and help us to end discrimination against single travellers, whether you are travelling for pleasure or business; you have a right to make your voice heard! Click on Join Us on the main menu for further details.
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